This Ben Nye Grime FX Powder lineup allows you to distress costumes, skin, prosthetics, hair and props with light-weight, pigment based powders. Apply Ben Nye Grime FX Powder with a brush or a pounce bag. Spritz the powder with water, Ben Nye Glycerin, or Ben Nye Liquiset to darken and intensify the Grime FX Powder. The powder may stain fabric, so please test before use. You can expect 60-80 applications per ounce of powder.

Ben Nye Grime FX Powder comes in several colors for different effects:

Ash – Simulates burnt wood or coal debris
Coal – (Formerly Charcoal) Simulates charcoal and grease
Dirt – Simulates dark brown dirt and soil
Grit – Simulates dark soil and debris
Plains Dust – Simulates reddish-brown soil and clay
Sand – Simulates sand and light organic debris
Slime – Simulates organic and alien debris
Stone – Simulates cement and industrial debris